How much is shipping in USA?


Shipping is only $4.99 for any order amount.

I put a different shipping address but I don’t see it on my order. Why?


When you finish your order with a different shipping address, cialis canada tadalafil your PayPal account may not show it. However we receive whatever you enter as shipping address and we will  ship to that address. So no worries!

Will these 3D pictures fade over time?


No. The plastics covering the image is very durable and will not make pictures fade.

Is shipping refundable too?


No. Shipping is never refundable. We will deduct shipping charges in our refunds.

How does refunds work?


Within 15 days of your purchase, cialis generic try if you don't like our product email customer service and we may refund your order. You still need to return our product back to us. Please note shipping and handling are not refundable.

Are your 3D pictures durable?


Oh yes. VLS grands only carry highest quality pictures and they are pretty durable. Just don't keep them in hot sun for too long. The 3 picture may "soften" in the prolonged exposure to heat but again comes back to normal when cooled off.

Some of your 3D pictures only show one image. Why?


A 3D picture not necessarily show multiple images. All images are not suitable for 3D pictures. You can still appreciate the 3rd dimension in a single 3D image. It just pops out.

What is the maximum size I can order?


We offer sizes up to 8.5in X 11in. Perfect for book covers for you and your kids.

Do you make custom 3D picture for me?


Custom 3D images are a bit involved with a photo session and special tools. At this time VLS Grands don't accept custom orders. We may in the future though.

What is a 3D picture and why is it so awesome?


3D pictures (Lenticular) are the transforming pictures that often came on trading cards in the 1980s and 90s. Turn them one way and they show one picture. Turn them another and they show another. How? A trick of the light and plastics.That's all!

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